Pack 207 Logo Wear Order (Class B)

Our annual order for Pack 207 logo wear is upon us.  You can order, T-shirts, hoodies, zipper sweatshirts and hats.  The order form is below.  Orders are due October 19.

You may have heard the term Class B before.  This would be the T-shirt.  It is an optional part of scouting and never required.  Your first shirt is provided by the pack.  Any additional shirts are at your cost.  The hats are Pack 207 hats and not part of the “Class A” uniform.  The new shirts will be yellow lettering on blue fabric.  This is a change from the old blue on yellow.  Don’t feel like you need to purchase the new style unless you desire it.  This attire is available for the whole family at your cost if you desire.

Click below for the order form.  It is in Excel format.  Sheet 1 is the description and sheet 2 is the order form.  If you have question, see Assistant Cubmaster Paul Dennis (80pdennis@gmail.com or (360) 688-6895).

207 Clothing Order